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Get Romantic With Telephone Chat

Find The Right Woman With Phone Dating. 

Why are you still single? The world is full of men and women looking for partners. Have you been disappointed with other dating services? Try phone dating. Phone dating can end your single life and make you happy.

Phone Chat Lines For Romance

There are a lot of phone dating services. Just do a search on one of the big search engines and you will soon have numbers of hundreds of services offering phone dating. Many people do not want to try this form of dating as they are afraid of talking to a woman. Here are a few tips to make her like you over the phone.

One of the biggest secrets to successful phone dating is to have an engaging conversation right from the start. In other words, you should be able to connect to her in the first few seconds. If you are boring, you are not going to get too far and she won’t stick around.

You can’t be nervous and hope to be successful. However, do not try too hard to act funny or witty as you will fail and may come across as a shady guy. Just be yourself but keep the conversation humorous and keep her interested.

In order for the conversation to progress, you also need a lot of good material. One of the best ways to keep her engaged is to tell a good story. This is the reason that experts say that a master storyteller is an excellent conversationalist. This does not mean that you need to invent some stories.

Read magazines, newspapers, and interesting things on the internet to pick your topics. There are a number of websites where you can pick some interesting topics to discuss over phone. There are also a number of websites online that can help you pick up some interesting conversation topics.

There are number of phone dating services available these days. These services allow you to talk to others without revealing any personal information that you do not want to share. Many operators use voice over internet phone technology to help people connect. In the case of other services, you need to call a particular number and then that service connects you to the other person without revealing the caller ID.

Most of these adult phone services offer a free trial. It is recommended to join dating forums in your area if you want to find out more about the various services available. Overall, phone dating is a fun service and you can connect with others without revealing any private information.

Dealing With Lies In A Romance

Lies In A Relationship Spell Disaster


Everyone knows that you have to be honest in a relationship. Yet knowing something and being able to do it are two entirely different things. Not only that, but some people have different thresholds for honesty and truthfulness. For example: thinking that little white lies are okay. This can be a problem, because without honesty, trust, and communication, a relationship is doomed to failure.

One of the more stereotypical situations involving dishonesty is a guy going to a strip club and telling his wife he was simply ‘out with the boys’ or some other excuse. Yet there are still plenty of minor lies which get told and they should be avoided, as well. Things such as whether or not you like your partner’s hair cut, or their clothes, or even something as simple as whether you were really working late, or if you stopped off at the store to buy some candy bars.

On the other hand, however, there are plenty of situations where not saying everything isn’t a problem. If you weren’t working late, but you hung out in the office speaking with a friend, is there really a problem in just saying you were working late? How can you tell the difference between a situation where you need complete honesty, and a situation where you’re just not bogging down the conversation with unnecessary details?

There’s a good rule of thumb to follow that will help you in such situations. That rule of thumb is ‘if you feel like you have to hide it, it’s a problem.’ Essentially, if the situation is such that you feel a need to keep it from your partner, then you should be talking about it. Perhaps the reason you’re keeping it from your partner is because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. But if that’s the case, you may need to consider why something would hurt their feelings. Likewise, maybe you don’t want to get your partner upset. But if the situation would upset your partner, it’s important to figure out why, and then deal with that upset.

Ultimately, a relationship needs trust. And when you begin lying, it means you don’t have that trust. There could be any number of reasons why you don’t have that trust. It’s entirely possible that your partner is being unreasonable. But if you can’t deal with that situation, then the relationship is just a ticking time bomb, waiting for the right moment to explode into disaster.

Ending Your Romance

How To Gently Let A Nice Guy Down

Ending Your Love Relationship

There is no one way to turn a guy down when he asks you for date, or you feel that it is time to break up with him. If he’s a jerk, your solution is simple: Don’t mince words and make sure that he gets the message. However, when its time to let a truly nice guy down, there are some things to keep in mind.

Nice guys are really and truly treasures. They are rare beasts in this world and one day, someone will see them for who they are and want to hook up with them forever and ever. Unfortunately, when you aren’t that girl, the best thing that you can do is to be honest with him and not waste his time by stringing him along.

Deliver the message yourself. Whatever you do, don’t let the word spread through your social network before it gets to him. Be mature and let him be the first one to know. He’s nice and he deserves to be treated well.

Prepare your words before you meet up with him. If the chemistry isn’t there for you, let him know that while you enjoyed his company, you want to keep looking. You don’t have to go into great detail. After all, you have a right to keep your feelings private.

Once you’ve delivered your breakup news, don’t backtrack. Be very clear about your meaning and stick to your guns. Even if he makes you feel badly about your decision, don’t give in. It is in both of your best interests for you to remain firm.

Breaking Up Amicably

There is no reason to deliver an insult with your rejection. Keep in mind that the reason that you want to be gentle with him is because he has always treated you right. That’s what nice guys do. Don’t slip in any insults to make yourself feel better about the conversation.

Don’t drag the conversation out. Get right to the point and have an exit strategy in place before you see him. You might want to have one of your friends nearby to help you in case the conversation doesn’t go well.

If this guy really is as nice as you think he is, there is a possibility that he might want to remain friends. You can ask him about this, but don’t be surprised if he wants some time to think about it. Respect his needs and abide by the answer that he gives you.